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Domestic Helper - Always on the phone

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    Yuen Long

    They appear to be more sociable than us half the time hehe.

    It comes down to 'respect' at the end of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edwina
    However, when I walk around the housing estate that I live in. I see a lot of maids either speaking with their headsets when they are patrolling with the prams or busy keying in their SMS. It's happening in clubhouse, in lifts, in shopping mall.
    I see this all the time too, however, I cannot say that I necessarily blame them, seems like their phone is their lifeline to the outside world. I believe that to be true for my maid, because after all, she is in a new job in another country. . . can't be easy with. However, I still tell her that I expect her not to use the phone while watching my son. . . of course, if I'm not around. . . who knows?

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