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Baby is constipated (help)

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    Exclamation Baby is constipated (help)

    Hi my six month old son is a bit sensitive. I recently had to change his milk formula (cow&gate royal) for babies 6-12 months and then I noticed that he is experiencing more difficulty passing stool. That and the fact that I have started him on solids. I only give him one solid feeding a day and I am very careful so far the only way to resolve it is to give him 2 ounces of apple-prune juice a day to help him pass stool easier. I give him 3 to 4 ounces of water everyday as well.

    The only milk that wouldn't get him constipated before was cow&gate but now since i changed it to 6-12 months it started again.

    A friend told me to give him one green grape and that should help? Has anyone heard of that?

    Do you think he will get used to the prune juice and I shouldn't give it to him everyday? Does anyone have any recommendations/experience to share? Would highly appreciate it. :bwinky

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    i have the same problem with my daughter. she is 4 month now and will begin to give her solids. I told my pediatrician that she only poopied (excuse the language) every 4-5 days and was worried that it will be even more prolonged once i started solids. my pediatrician suggested that instead of tarting with rice cereal that i begin with oatmeal cereal cause the rice cereal makes a baby more constipated. If you are using the rice cereal then maybe you can try the oatmeal. Another thing is prune juice which you are already doing. anyhow goodluck with this. i know how helpless we can feel when our little experience discomfort.


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    Not sure if you believe some traditional Chinese stuff. Cos' my little nephew (4 months) is also very constipated (and he has ezcema too), and his family is in England. So my mom send some Chinese stuff called "hoi nine cha" (direct translate is "milk tea") to them. And it works! From my understanding, the tea contains oat / barley and some other stuff. And they make the milk with this milk tea once a week. And my nephew can poo-poo once every 2 or 3 days.


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    My remedy


    Perhaps you can try this remedy I use on my girls.

    Slow boil 3 yellow skin pears - in Cantonese called 'sar lai' - (peeled, cored & cut into chunks) with 1 liter water & 1 small piece of rock sugar (just enough to remove any sourness) in a pot or slow cooker for a few hours. Strain & leave to cool. (You can substitute the rock sugar with dried wintermelon strips if desired).

    Offer a few baby spoonfuls (up to 40 ml) to your baby once a day - this has a cooling effect on the body. I use this almost daily on my girls since they started on solids. It's also great drink during winter season to prevent coughing & throat discomfort for the whole family as well.

    Constipation does occur when introducing new formula, it'll usually goes off in 2 weeks. Alternatively, papaya does wonders to get the bowels moving!

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    Papaya worked for us


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I had the same problem with both my children when I switched them from infant formula to follow on formula (for 6-12 months). My daughter's constipation was so bad I had to take her to the doctor eventually (nothing worked) to have the stools physcially removed. As with my elder son, I then switched back to the infant formula (0-6 months) for a couple of months and I introduced the follow on very gradually by replacing one scoop of infant forumula with the follow on for 2 weeks, then 2 scoops for another 2 weeks etc. No more constipation since.

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    Daizy is offline Registered User
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    Thank you all for the tips, the last few days I was trying something which worked for a friend but unfortunately didn't work for my son. I bought the original formula and will try to give him the follow up formula once a day or maybe even one spoon a day lets see. I also bought pears today so will boil them :) thank you all again :)

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    ariel is offline Registered User
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    Papaya, carrot + apple + pear soup, gentle massage on the belly all helps. Good Luck!

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