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Recurrent Miscarriages/Any ob/gyn on the Kowloon island?

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    Question Recurrent Miscarriage

    Thanks all for your input!

    QQuale, my ob also told me that she would not do any blood or hormone test till a third miscarriage becos accding to her all the above tests should be technically taken after a third miscarriage. She says structurally I am good inside and healthwise I look fine and so do my blood tests which she took at 6 and a half weeks. She did mention that there are many causes for a miscarraige but it seems she wants to look into it after if there is a third miscarriage. She gave me an option of having a chromosome test where they take a blood sample from both the husband and wife and tests the chromosome to see if both genetically are fine. However her price was ridiculously high... $2000 for each husband and wife...

    But for my peace of mind I will consider to visit a High Risk team at the Queen Mary... coz I need to know the cause for this... I dont think I would be able to go through a 3rd miscarriage if it happens.. its quite devastating as it is...

    As I am located on the Kowloon Side, has anyone dealt with high risk teams at St Theresa's or Baptist Hospital.. that would be more convenient for me than ob/gyn or hospitals on the Island.

    I will look into all the doctors that you all have suggested to me. Thanks all once again!

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    Dear snb

    Your last message was posted a couple of months ago so your situation may have changed now. As lonely and frightening as it is to suffer miscarriages, not all miscarriages are the result of physical or other problems. Sometimes it is just chance. I had two consecutive miscarriages, fell pregnant a third time and started bleeding at six weeks.

    I panicked and was convinced I was about to miscarry and booked myself into hospital for a termination. I even sat and ate a jar full of mayonnaise to punish my baby for being so weak and myself for ever hoping that I could carry a baby to full term. And then I went to hospital and they gave me a scan. And I couldn't believe it: the baby had a heart beat and was doing fine. I am now 19 weeks pregnant in this third pregnancy and have been told i'm doing well.

    So there may be something physical causing the miscarraiges, but then again there may not be. Chances are you're a perfectly healthy woman who is just having a hard time staying pregnant. When you do get pregnant again, which you will, my advice would be to have frequent monitoring, because this definitely helps.

    Good luck

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    Hi, I just had my second miscarriage.. and would like how to get referred to the QMH for tests? I am really interested to know as my hub and I would like to have our first child as soon as possible and believe me having gone thru 2 miscarriages I really wonder how many more it will take me before I can have children.. or is it God's plan that I dun end up being a mother! The ob/gyn just keep telling me that it is only after the 3rd miscarriage before they consider it a "recurrent" thing and will really carry out tests.. but honestly I dun want to go thru another miscarriage!

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