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Fish Question

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    Fish Question

    I would like to know at how many months old did you introduce fish and what kind of fish are the best.

    Thanks :missingto

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    I use Annabel Karmel's recipe book, 'The complete baby and toddler meal planner'. It takes all the guess work out of when to introduce what. Annabel Karmel is a nutritionist at Great Ormond Street Childrens' Hospital, so she knows what she's talking about. She recommends starting fish at about 7 months. Her recipies use cod, plaice and haddock.

    Hope that helps


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    I started using sole fillet when my little one turns one. It was suggested by our pedi, as he said fish is one kind of food that might easily caused allegry. Other alternatives are, salmon, tuna, cod, they all have very little / no bones and easy to find in supermarkets.

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