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Travelling and bottle feeding

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    Travelling and bottle feeding

    I'm looking for any tips from bottle-feeding parents on how best to prepare formula whilst flying. I'll be flying back to the UK in a few weeks time with my daughter who will be 10 weeks old.
    Is the best way to use disposable bottle liners and take your own pre-boiled water in a flask? Any other suggestions gratefully received!

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    Hiya ZoeG
    I flew back from London to HK when my daughter was only 3.5 months old. What I did was fill each bottle with boiled water (had 6 at the time) and used an Avent milk powder storage container (has 3 compartments). However I did bring a whole box of the formula just in case I needed more. Of course by the time you feed your baby, the water will be cold so get the air crew to warm it up for you. Of course you can ask them for hot water but have to wait for it to cool down first which can take time if your baby is hungry.
    Hope that helps.

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    I would suggest you to use diposable bottle liners, especially from Playtex. I love them and I used it when I was on the plane with my 2 months old dd. I don't have to worry about cleaning the bottles, and also bringing so many bottles.
    For water, I suggest bring your own water and plus a container where you can reheat your own water.
    BTW, ALWAYS bring extra. (diapers, formula, liners, nipples, extra clothes, blanket, and etc.)

    Good Luck

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