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Labor in water?

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    Labor in water?

    I've read about good things about laboring in water. (Laboring only - I'm not yet ready for actually giving birth in water.) Am I out of luck to get such facilities in Hong Kong hospitals?

    Has anyone tried water laboring before (anywhere in the world) and was it worth trying?


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    The Adventist have a jacuzzi for laboring. I don't know of anyone who has used it.

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    I have helped many women through labour here in Hong Kong and in almost all cases have we used water as a method for pain relief and comfort. They have usually stayed at home for a while and tried the water there, and in one case the woman had actually a big inflated children's swimmingpool that we filled with water and she used for two or three hours in the early stages. In the Matilda they have small bathtubs that are certainly better than nothing, and many women also use their showers. Adventist has got a bigger bath that is easier to cover yourself in water, and to be slightly more upright, and I have good experience of both places in this regards.
    IN any case, water usually helps a lot, and you are, able to use this almost till the end of first stage, as long as no complications arise during the labour.
    Feel free to email or call me if you need any further information,

    Hulda - midwife
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    i would say that anything is worth trying during labour to relieve the pain anyway..
    but personnally speaking, i didn't enjoy it so much (in my bath at home)...I also had heard many good things and that 'false' contractions would pass in the water so it was good to 'make sure' there were the good ones..
    but mayybe because my bath was too small i didn't know how to move and I always needed dh to help to get out/make any mvoement..
    I though that next time I would try to use our children swimming pool.. a bit bigger!

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    I had my baby in a birthing pool in UK, although am getting the impression this is difficult to do here in HK. I highly recommend it, even just for labouring. Bath worked for a bit but it just isn't big or deep enough. I wasn't allowed into pool until 5cm dilated but it worked wonders, labouring in a squatting/ kneeling position. I used gas and air at the same time. I have always liked the bath when I am ill or in pain any way. I have friends who hated using water during labour or got to the point where they just had to get out so it is very much a personal thing. Hope that is useful.

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    I gave birth a month ago at Adventist, wasn't dilating but contractions were very close by, so doctor's did not allow epidural. was stuck with the contractions 2min apart for 6 hours :(.

    The midwife suggested using the jaccuzi and i thought it was great in relieving pain. i still use the Antonox while in the water but the jaccuzi was a good distraction in pain relief. i was in there for about 20 min., didn't want to get out, but the water was getting cold. so would recommend it. also, can't praise staff at adventist highly enough, you'd definitely want to check it out.


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