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    Dear all, my daughter is going to be 9 months old. But no sign of teething....atleast i cant see. This afternoon my hubby noticed one white spot on upper gum. He said this is her first tooth coming. What i have heard is only two lower teeth come first. I am very much worried .........and searched everywhere on net.......but couldn't find the solution. Can anyone help me on this one.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Usually the bottom teeth come first. Have a read through this thread:

    Baby’s First Teeth - Tooth Eruption Patterns

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    Teething can be a worrying time. My son didn't have his first tooth until he was 9 moths, but my daughter's first teeth came through at 4 months. Both my children got their bottom teeth first, which are usually followed by the top two teeth at the front. My son followed the usual pattern, but my daughter got the two teeth either side of the front two next. I was also worried (not helped by my husband jokingly saying that she propably wouldn't get those teeth), so I asked the paediatrician who said that although it wasn't the norm, it was not unheard of and I shouldn't worry. Low and behold a few weeks later along came the two front teeth.

    I hope that eases your worries a little. If your not sure take them to the doctor, when our's checked her mouth she said that she could see all the teeth lining up to come through. My daughter now has 8 teeth and she's only 10 months, they have all come through just about together.


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    Don't worry, I had the same problem with my second-born, I was freaking out that only his upper front teeth came thro' at 10 months old. Anyway, spoke to our dentist ( Dr Raymond Lee, very good and gentle with kids and his practice has really good patient leaflets on pregnancy and teeth and dummy sucking etc)- anyway he reassured me that it's perfectly normal for teeth NOT to come out in sequence. What they tell you in all the books is an average only, not every kid has their teeth coming thro at 6-7 months old and not everyone has their upper teeth coming thro- the most important bit is that if the tooth on one side comes thro' then the tooth on the other side should also appear in the mouth within 1 yr, if not you should take your child to see the dentist, incase there's anything stopping the teeth coming thro' the gums.
    oh yes, he also mentioned that boys teeth ON AVERAGE come through later than girls, guess it's kinda equivalent to girls maturing quicker than boys!

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