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Maternity Pads

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    Maternity Pads

    Does any one know why the nursing staff at QMH insist on you bring 'non-adhesive' maternity pads (that you have to tie bits of string to), instead of the more convenient adhesive pads? Is there a good reason, or is it just tradition?

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    I just had my 36th week check up and I asked the nurse the exact same question. Apparently it is because they need a few pads to clear any amniotic fluid, blood, etc., from the area during labour and then again after the baby is born to clean the area of the lochia (afterbirth bleeding). They prefer to use the non-adhesive one as this does not stick to our skin when they wipe the area clean. Once the baby is born the nurses will check on you frequently and periodically before they send you to rest in the ward, so again they prefer for us to use the non-adhesive pads so it is easier for them to check on the discharge and change the pads. Once we are back in the wards they will check on us less frequently and then we can use the adhesive pads if we prefer. Hope this is helpful, otherwise I would as your nurse to explain it to you at your next visit.


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    Hope this isn't too graphic.......

    After you've given birth (you're usually pretty tired out!) and as horrible as it sounds now, the staff actually put the maternity pads on for you. It's easier for them to tie maternity pads on you than try to stick them on your underwear. For the first few hours, you're encourgaed to stay in bed in case you faint and again, staff will help you change the pads as you'll probably soak through a few pads quite quickly. Once you're up and about, you can use any type of maternity pads. A good tip is to get some of the net pants as they're stretchy - handy as you might feel quite tender initially and then throw them out once you don't need them.

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