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nasty BCG injection site!

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    Question nasty BCG injection site!

    My daughter is 12 weeks old and her BCG injection site is not looking so good. It's been raised up and red for over a month (the nurse told me that was fine last time we went in for her injections). A few days ago I noticed it looked like it was full of something and tonight it ruptured in the bath and all this pus came oozing out, then this normal? I'm worried it's going to leave a nasty scar. I'm not sure if I should I put gauze over it, or let it breathe?? I will call the clinic tomorrow, but curious to hear any other experiences...

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    BCG injections do leave a scar.
    I’ve found that ones later in life leave a bigger scan than the ones given while a baby. The government use to give BCG injections to school age children but they have now stopped this as they decided it wasn’t helpful. Although the ones given in babyhood are still considered important.
    My last child was given the injection on her waist rather than her upper arm. The doctor said this was to reduce the scaring.
    Best wishes,

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    my boy had his injection upon leaving the hospital after his birth. the site is still a little raised, but it is drying up and looking much better than it did a month ago(he's 14 weeks old now). however, it didn't rupture as yours did. definitly have it checked by a doctor.
    good luck!

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    My son's did rupture and had some pus and blood as well. It healed all right and yes BCG vaccines always leave a scar.

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    My son had his BCG shot last year when we moved to HK, and there is still a red bump on that site, the doctor at first told me it would go away in a couple of weeks or so, but so far 9 months later, it's still there.

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