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Blood Sugar Monitoring Kits

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    Blood Sugar Monitoring Kits

    I have just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and I need to purchase a finger-prick blood sugar monitoring kit. Does anyone have any details of where I can find them - I've tried Watson's for information, but they are a little useless. I have heard good things about the Accu-Go monitors.....

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    Blood test kit

    I 've got a blood test kit I picked up about a year ago when I was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes, based on recommendations I got throught the Princess Margaret diabetics department. They were helpful in assessing different kits and typically recommended the Ascensia Elite XL model produced by Bayer, for a few reasons. It's a basic model but noted for it's ease of use, simple workings and easy availability of the test strips in most local pharmacies. So far I'm really happy with it, although there is also a whole range of similar models like the Ascensia Breeze (auto-strip disc), Accu-Chek or Medisense Optimum, all which can be found in HK through respective suppliers. I got mine free of charge when diagnosed through the public hospital, plus lansing device, and only needed to pay for the test strips and lancets.

    With the Elite XL, hospitals also supply the Microlet lancing device, while most pharmacies should carry the Microlet Lancets, and importantly the Ascensia Elite test strips (50 per box). I go through 3 or 4 per day. The meter and Lancing device package is $HK650, while a box of test strips goes for around $HK270 each. Here's the local supplier's contact for the Ascenia line. Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Bayer Healthcare
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    My parents are diabectic too.

    Here's a msg from my dad:

    We have Johnson one touch monitor. It is basic. Strips cost HK$270-300 for 50
    Recently there was a sale at Watson and I bought new One touch Horizon monitor plus 100 strips for HK$390/
    Watson has other brands also. Most brands range from HK$ 500-900/ strips are about $300 for 50 strips. Lancet are separate.

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    blood sugar monitoring kits

    hi there,
    you should really try a watson's store with a pharmacist on duty. The ones I usually go to is the one Cameron Rd TST or Time Square CB. They usually are very helpful and will be able to recommand the right one for you.
    My parents are currently using the one touch ultra which the lastest devisce from J&J which is so easy to use even for elderly people and it took only 5 seconds to get the results.Besides, the company also provide service of printing blood test history which is very helpful for yourself and your doctor to monitor your progress. There are also other good and more advanced brands available such as Advantage Go,Optium Xceed (which the strips come in individual packing).

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