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NYC -> HK: Need help finding good care

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    dear eric,
    thank god everything was fine. i remembered my pregnant days when i get so paranoid about the baby kicking. i dont know if your wife could travel with a placenta previa, it's best to ask her obs. anyway, she will need a letter from her obs if she wants to fly. but my advice is.........if you are very sure that you want her to fly back to the US and the doc says it's fine, do it fast before she reachers 32 weeks. the more you delay it, the higher the risk, especially at the third trimester.

    hope everything goes well with you. good luck

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    Hk - Nyc

    I am in a similar situation - except we are moving from NYC to HK, and I am giving birth in Taipei where my family is. The obs in the US may not take your wife as a new patient this late into her pregnancy because of liability issues. If you are thinking about having her back to NY to deliver, you may need to make sure asap that she's first able to get an appt with an ob and second register with the affiliated hospital that will deliver her.

    My ob in NYC is Jacqueline Worth on 5th avenue and 72nd street with ELJ (the name of the three-ob clinic) and she delivers at Lenox Hill Hospital which is excellent.

    I am in my 26wk of pregnancy right now and thank goodness that it's been a smooth one except I had severe morning sickness as well. Wonder if it has to do with NYC haha. I personally think that it's too late and too risky for your wife to endure another 18 hour flight with placena previa. It is not a terribly risky thing to have nowadays but it almost will guarantee a c-section from what I have read/heard (I am myself born c-section b/c of placena previa and my mother was on bedrest from month 7-10 - lunar calendar)

    Goodluck and let me know if you have questions on NY obs and hospitals. there's a great website called and you can get great info there on the New York board.

    PreggerC @ NYC

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