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Gestational Diabetes at QMH

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    perhaps you've already found a good online support group. but in case you haven't, here's one:

    its a yahoo group. i belong to another yahoo group for incompetent cervix and its been a fantastic resource.

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    Thanks everyone, for all of your replies.
    Basically, I have been told that my sugar levels can be controlled through diet alone, which I am very relieved about.
    However, I recieved much contradictory advice through the various ward doctors, OBs, dieticians and endrocrinologists. One person tells me to make sure I eat 1 1/2 bowls of rice at every meal, despite high-starch meals sending my levels shooting up. Another tells me to eat no rice/bread, and just lots of fresh veggies and lean meat. Another tells me to make sure I snack throughout the day, whilst another says that if I snack through the day, my baby will be 'fat'.
    So all I can do is continue to eat sensibly, and take my own levels, and assume that there is no 'right' way and the dogmatic attitudes I have encountered are just part of the 'God/Doctor' complex that seems to rule the public system.
    It is very confusing at six months pregnant to be told you have a potentially serious medical condition, but be given such contradictory advice about what to do about it. Common sense tells you that when you are hungry, you eat. That when you are not hungry, you don't eat. Unfortunately, common sense does not seem to play much part in diagnostics in the treatment of GD at this hospital. Thank god for my private OB - she's the only one that has made any sense. And following her low starch/lean protein and lots of veggies and fruits, my levels have been FINE.

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    Gestational Diabetes

    my OB suggested that I use a glucose test kit once a week (& every other day closer to term) (although it meant pricking fingers abt 6 times a day!). Wld also suggest keeping a food diary of all the foods consumed everyday so that if there is a sudden hike in sugar levels, then u know why! I'd found it very useful and helped to control the sugar levels. Hope this helps!

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    I don't have any information on GD, but regarding when a C-section might be necessary, I have heard they are very reluctant to plan these in advance. Sounds crazy - maybe it's because so many local women want C-sections even when there are no complications requiring one. I have a friend who gave birth to her second baby at QMH, the first one having been overseas by C-section, and ended up having a C-section again but they refused to plan one in advance.

    Anyway on a more positive note, whatever reservations one might have about the prenatal care and lack of information, they are great at delivering babies, the intensive care unit at QMH has a great reputation, emergency cases get sent there from all over HK, so don't lose faith in the system altogether!

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