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adopting twins

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    adopting twins

    Hi all,
    My husband and I are moving to HK in the new year. As we don't have children together, we are hoping to look into the adoption situation and protocols involved, to travel down this rout. I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this themselves and/or are able to give me some direction in how to start. My best regards and thanks.

    Sue & Ian Hope & :bwinky :bwinky

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    I know of 2 expats that have both adopted in HK (not China) and it took about 6 months since there is not huge demand by locals to adopt. I think the youngest you can get is about a 4 month old as they don't release younger babies. If you want to adopt twins I think the chance is remote since the probability of twins coming up for adoption would be very rare.

    There was another single lady expat featured in the local newspaper who adopted 2 sisters (2yr + 4 yr old) after something happened to the parents.
    Good luck, sorry I don't have more specifics.

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    I would recommend you contact Mother's Choice. They hold regular talks on adopting in HK.

    More info here

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    We adopted our son in Hong Kong and it took around 8 months, we got him when he was only 2 months :) old.

    In order to adopt you need to get intouch with Social Welfare department as they are the government agency that handles everything. Mother's Choice is an organization that takes care of the babies but does not handle/decide where the babies go.

    I know that girls are in very high demand and there is a waiting list of at least one year but baby boys are more available and if you are keen on adopting twins then you might have to wait longer depending on what age group and what is available.

    I would be more than happy to discuss our experience in more detail. Feel free to private message me and good luck :) for the move.

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    Smile Wire

    Thanks for the informative replies. Will follow up when we relocate to HK in the new year. Thanks again.

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    i have friends that just got their baby boy. they had to be here for 18 months before they could startt the process. once that was done, they submitted the paper work in january and got their boy the day before father's day.

    they are obviously over the moon!

    they now have to stay for another 6 months to finalise everything.

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