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When baby has a fever

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    Quote Originally Posted by josoo View Post
    Help my baby girl has a fever and I've taken her to the doctor already:crib . She's been on Tylenol for the past 24 hours, then her fever came down last night and we skipped it, she's burning again at 38 degrees this morning. She's back on Tylenol. When will this stop? She doesn't have any other signs of a cough, runny nose or a rash!! I feel a little helpless...
    i know how hard for u, same as me my daughter is 3 year now, my daughter used to have a fever with no sigh of ill for a week, but at the end she show up with tonsil,
    for the immunity i give her astraglaus everyday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumei View Post

    Another point, if you are sponging them down when they have a very high fever, do not use cold water (among other things it constricts the blood vessels causing a higher temp) but tepid water, the motion in itself cools the body down. Same for using a damp towel on their forehead or armpits etc, use tepid water.
    Or, forget about sponging and run them a tepid bath and put them in it. That's my mama's cure for greater comfort when feverish.

    Our paed. also recommended (for kids who are not being breastfed any longer) "Cold liquids in, hot urine out". If the fever was prolonged and the child uncomfortable, then he said ANY cold liquid that the child was willing to take was better than none.

    However, according to home-based Canto-medicine, it's better to avoid really cold/icy beverages. YMMV.

    Once I asked our GP about cold liquids, especially soy milk. He's an HK guy, Ozzie trained. He said "from the Western perspective, any cold liquid if fine, from the local perspective, no soy milk because it is too "cold"

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