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Back To School checklist

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    patrickng is offline Registered User
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    Back To School checklist

    Hi all,

    Not sure if I reached the right place, coz I've been search for parenting forums and groups in HK and couldn't really find a nice one, so I give it a try here.

    I'm looking for a nice checklist for Back To School. There are quite many on the web but they are not specific to Hong Kong. Anybody get any checklist that's localized? I know primary/secondary/university students should have different checklists, I just need at least some basis to work on. Want to create something useful for friends and customers.

    Hope I can hear from somebody :)
    BTW, my son just turned 5 months old, he is bored, need to give him more stimulations, any suggestion would be great as I'm new to this. I guess somebody here might have some fun suggestions.

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    I was a bit confused as to what your post was asking for:- a back to school checklist, but why do you need a school checklist for a 5 month old?

    Are you looking for play ideas for a 5 month old? If so, there are excellent books from places like Bookazine giving appropriate play ideas at different ages.

    Also try:

    This gives lots of play ideas, but mainly for toddler aged children. You can purchase booklets from the website at reasonable prices.

    You might want to try an activity like Panda Junction or Kindermusik, which have age appropriate classes with lots of activities:

    From memory our favourite activities at 5 months were:

    * paddling pool - with toys like cups, squeaky toys, etc
    * walks in the pram
    * swings on the baby swing
    * nappy free time
    * looking in the mirror
    * reading very simple books
    * jolly jumper
    * exersaucer
    * peek a boo from under a cloth
    * watching older children play

    I hope that helps.

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    Wee Kean is offline Registered User
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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    I found some books about local school's guide in public library. I am not sure whether this is what you want. You can get a lot of books about the local schools, the system, interview guide, etc at the education section in any of the public libraries. However what I found were in Chinese. I am sure there are some in English. If you want to buy it, you can find it in any Chinese bookstores or at a baby shop called "Lotus" (in Chinese) at the 4th floor at Winsor House, Causeway Bay.

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    Daizy is offline Registered User
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    patrickng.. you mentioned "something usefull for friends and customers". What are you referring to? But my guess would be to ask the school or the class teacher for a check list. Good luck!

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    a mom is offline Registered User
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    by checklist do you mean for paperwork (birth certs, immunization rec's, etc) or supplies (pencils, paper)?

    for what age?

    these things vary from school to school, age to do a good job, i think you have to make specific questions and ask the schools. all the international schools have websites with email links.

    for 5 month olds, aside from things you do at home, there are a number of playgroups available as well as classes. Kindermusik, Gymboree, Little Gym, etc. you can call these businesses directly or find a playgroup in your area by doing a search here (think many have been mentioned in previous threads).

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