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cloth/reusable nappies

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    cloth/reusable nappies

    Hi all,

    have been through several older threads on this topic and got some excellent info on nappy brands. but, in researching further, i saw that most of the cotton nappy that they sell are of the 'Fleecy' type, though all the websites say that they stay drier, they keep reminding me of my fleece jackets for HK winters.

    doesn't it get incredibly hot if your bum is constantly wrapped in a material like that? i know it's still cotton but should i be eliminating the 'fleecy' ones because of HK's humid and heat? any ideas from parents who's used them before on your experience?

    thanks much,

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    I don't think the "fleece" fabric makes babies hot. Bear in mind it will be damp. If my baby has nappy rash then it clears up faster if I add a fleecey liner, because it keeps the more absorbent wet layers of fabric away from the skin. And baby will lose most heat through the head and upper body. So I don't think the type of nappy makes much difference. Keep baby cool by wearing light clothing, sponge the head if necessary, keep in the shade as far as possible and don't stay outdoors for long when it's hot.

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