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breast pump

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    breast pump

    I am not a working mom and need a breast pump for occasional use. Do you have any suggestion and where can I find it? and the price?

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    A small manual pump that is popular with many mothers is the Avent Isis pump
    It s available at Mothercare.

    If you want an electric pump most mothers choose a Medela pump (as they are the most easily available here)

    If you don’t have to express often you might also like to consider manually expressing. A good hand expression technique is the Marmet Technique. Instructions are at
    This is useful because it helps the let-down and so get more milk.

    (Please note that the anatomy of the breast is not up to date on this web site. It has recently been discovered that the Milk Reservoirs drawn under the Areola, the darker skin around the nipple, do not actually exist. This, however, does not stop the technique from working.)

    It is possible to following instructions for the Marmet Technique and to use a pump instead of the hand expressing part. The other bits of the technique are to encourage the let down reflex. Usually when mothers don’t much milk expressing it is because the let-down isn’t working well without the help of the baby. Thus a popular time to pump is when the baby is feeding on the other side.

    If you have any questions about expressing please contact a La Leche League Leader.
    Sarah 2548-7636
    Maggie 2817-7475
    Maggie (Chinese ) 9048-1701
    [email protected]

    Best wishes,

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