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when is the best time to fly with a newborn?

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    muriel is offline Registered User
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    when is the best time to fly with a newborn?

    I need to visit family and friends within the first 3 months of my baby being born. The flights will be 8-12 hours long. Is it easier to do it when the baby is very young (say 4-6 weeks) or should i wait until 3 months or older?

    Also is it easier to take a daytime flight or an overnight flight?

    I have to book flights now and I have no idea! I am trying to get the bassinet too so I have to reserve early!

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    Shirley is offline Registered User
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    Heng Fa Chuen

    Hi muriel
    I flew to HK from London when my baby was 3.5 months old. She was very good on the flight and slept for about 9 hours. My husband and I both took in turns to hold her but it was ok as she was light. She didn't like the bassinet as it was quite tight (we took Cathay Pacific). We took a night flight and I would suggest the same for you. I would suggest to wait till your baby is 3 months before flying as cabin pressure can be too much for them. Just remember to give them a dummy or a bottle during take off and landing.
    Hope that helps.

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    I flew with my newborn when he was 3 weeks old...though there is an old wives tale in India...that the baby should stay home for the first 40 days & so should the mom....but I just wanted to to be back home...having said that I have travelled with my son almost every month since he was 3 weeks old with flights ranging from 5 hours to almost 12....he's 15 months now

    I think the younger they are the easier it is to they just have their milk and mostly sleep...I have only taken night flights as everyone on the plane even seems to be asleep and its less distractions for the baby.

    Pls do feed your baby during take off & start about 20 minutes before landing again...

    Enjoy your trip home....

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