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Mosquitoes & sandflys - help

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    Mosquitoes & sandflys - help

    My daughter and I are covered in bites. The playgrounds in Discovery Bay seem to have the worst sandflys (or something similar) that are resistant to insect spray. So far we have tried:

    * Mikes mozzies - useless, even for mosquitoes
    * Forgotten the name, but the small bottles from Watsons with the pink tops - good for mozzies, but not for sandflys
    * Tropical strength RID - from Australia, until I read the bottle which said that prolonged use on children can be harmful, oops.

    Any suggestions?


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    HappyV is offline Registered User
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    May 2005

    I would try adding a few drops of tea tree oil into your normal sunscreen/mozzie repellant. It certainly keeps the mozzies away, and it seems to work on flies and sandflies as well. Of course, I'd test it on your child's skin first to make sure it's not too strong. You can get good quality pure tea tree from the Body Shop, "Fruit and Passion' in the IFC, or from DK Aromatherapy in SoHo.

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    jdang is offline Registered User
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    Mosquito & insect repellent

    I've tried everything too - what worked for me were those mosquito repellent patches which you peel off & stick to your clothing. The brand I use is called Anti Mosquito Patch from Taiwan. Once taken out from the foil, it slowly release the repellent providing protection over a few hours. The downside? My twins are very playful, they love to peel the stickers of each others' clothing!

    Another one would be anti mosquito repellent lotion (for babies & children) from 21st Century. Made from herbal extracts & chemical free. Great light scent & applies on like a non sticky moisturiser.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the availability in HK. I purchase those from local pharmacies during my annual trek back to Malaysia. But I'm pretty sure that they should have these products in other SEA countries. So bear in mind when you go travelling or when friends come visiting from that region.

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    ollyvia is offline Registered User
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    I was recommended the anti mosquito repellent lotion (for babies & children) from 21st Century by a HK freind too. You can get it from Watsons (even the one in DB), but until a week ago, the last time I checked, it was out of stock.
    I used the Japanese one. I forgot the name. I got it from Watsons DB as well. The color of the bottle is whilte. It says 3-in-1, mosquito repellent, sun screen and anti itching. The smell is a bit strong. But it woorks for my girls. Good luck!

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    Can anyone tell me are these natural insect repellents and patches save to use on young babies?, Thanks

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    party is offline Registered User
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    I tried the patches from Taiwan. It works ok for the mosquitos but not for the sand flies. so far, I have to use OFF, even I know it is not good... Need help...

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