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Rice Cereal Allergy

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    Rice Cereal Allergy

    Hi bebe, just thought I would let you know what's happened since in the hope that it might help you. After several attempts to get her eating congee or cereal, but the same thing happening with her cheeks (very red and rosy), I took her to see another paediatrician. He told me that it's very rare for babies to have rice cereal allergy and that I should put her on back on it. He examined her skin and said that she was in fact suffering from eczema. I then questioned him as to why it always coincided with her eating cereal.... well anyway, he was adamant that it wasn't a food allergy. So I listened to him and started again, but this time baby didn't seem to react. I then took her to another doctor for a 3rd opinion, and he came to the same conclusion that she was suffering from eczema. So anyway, to cut a long story short, I slowly gave her new foods, but tried to keep everything as simple as possible. She's now 8 1/2 months on cereal with vegetables, and congee with blended meat, and so far so good. She's still reacting a little to pear, but I'm glad she's eating. My feeling is that she started eating cereal a little too young - she started at 4 months. Read in so many sites and books afterwards that it's okay to solely breastfeed or formula feed until 6 months. Maybe the eczema would have come about anyway if I had started after 6 months, but I believe that she would have been more ready. Been told by the baby clinic that since she started eating a little later, I should only give her egg yolk at 9 mths. Really don't if this info helps, but hope it does!

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    Hi TayTay, thanks for sharing. I stopped feeding my baby rice cereal, and sure enough, his face cleared up. He's also got a large stubborn patch behind his thighs, that cleared up completely too. The paediatrician's diagnosis was atopic eczema, due to food allergy. I read that 5% of babies suffers from food allergy. If your baby doesn't belong to this group, it doesn't really matter when you start on solids. My friend's baby (same age- 8months now) started about 5 months. He takes everything without problems, all meats, vege, fruits, etc. Did your baby do a skin test? I'm glad we did the test. It gives me a peace of mind knowing what I can and can't give. I don't have to apply cortisteroids on him anymore. It was really scary when he had his major outbreak after taking an eggyolk. He face swelled up so bad, and he was expressionless... I'm giving him millet and quinoa porridge. Quinoa's texture is smoother and tastier and he likes it better than millet. Definitely don't start with eggs on your baby yet...

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    rice allergy

    Hi TayTay,
    I am working in university. Our labs are working on what cause rice allergy and improving rice nutrition, production and probably reducing allergy in rice. Could you let me whether your baby is still having rice allergy? We can provide free blood test for her to examinine what protein in the rice is causing allergy, which can provide some
    help in solving the rice allergy. Please contact me.

    Quote Originally Posted by TayTay View Post
    Baby is now 6 months, but at 4 months, her baby clinic recommended starting her on rice cereal. At first everything was great and she liked it, but after a week or so, she developed really rosy cheeks. Took her to the dr and it turned out she was allergic.

    At the beginning of June, we decided to try again. This time, she got a less of a rash, but it was still visible, so decided to stop again. Baby clinic suggested making congee (with some lean pork just to add flavour to the congee). BB reacted again.

    This weekend, we gave her a break, but found she was getting frustrated with just milk. Pureed some pear instead. Seems like she's getting a rash (but not sure if it's from the congee experience).

    Really frustrated and heartbroken to see BB all red and rosy, and no solid food seems to be right for her.

    Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced rice cereal allergy? Should I try organic rice cereal? HELP PLS!

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    Hi how severe the skin allergy will be like if there is an allergic reaction to rice? I just started my boy on rice cereal, and he has a bit of skin rashes on his cheek but not that serious. I think it may be due to other things rather than the food as I think food allergic reaction should be quite dramatic and obvious. Can any give me some advices?

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