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Down Syndrom

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    I am 37 and my stats came back at 1/54 for DS. However, like some of our friends above have also said, we decided not to have the amnio as we were going to have the baby regardless. Doc was a little surprised at our refusal of the amnio and suggested we have a detailed scan instead, which we did, and this showed no signs of the usual physical abnormalities often associated with DS. Whilst this is no guarantee, it helped to reassure us. I do feel for you, as I know how stressful this time was for us. My recommendation would be to have a detailed scan first and see what that shows up and then reconsider with the information you have. PS my beautiful, healthy, perfect, baby girl was born 6 weeks ago.

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    I was in the same shoe as you - eager to take the amnio due to age risk factor, because of the returned blood test which was similar to your result, I cannot recall exactly, the doc at Tsun Yuk adamently said there was no need to do it. So I went without doing it, I am glad I took that decision. My baby is very healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moooi
    I'm 37.5, am in week 28 now and did the amnio in week 18. Was afraid but my husband didn't want to risk having a DS baby. I took a long time to decide and your stats 1/800 are great (same as a woman of 25). Mine was 1/249, below average for my age. A friend of mine who works at a hospital said that 0.5% risk of miscarriage included stats of miscarriage before ultrasound was used. These days, the actual stats are virtually nil of losing a baby thru amnio coz almost all docs use ultrasound. But there are cases. If I had your stat, I wouldn't have done the amnio. My best friend who was almost 40 had 1/800 also and did not do amnio and she just had a healthy baby.
    Hi Moooi
    Who did your Amnio and was you pleased the treatment?

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