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Introducing protein to babies diet

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    Introducing protein to babies diet

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how this should be done. I tried to make chicken congee and the baby hated it, she clamped her mouth shut. I noticed that there was a strong chicken smell and taste to it. Any suggestions on how i can introduce this or any other recipes??

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    Hi Avi,
    I've used Annabel Karmel's Baby and Toddler recipe book with both my childen. You can get it at most book stores and definitely Bumps to Babes. It takes the guess work out of when to add what. A good piece of advice that she has, is if your baby doesn't like something, don't worry, try it again a week or two later, and you'll probably find that they will tuck in. The best thing is not to worry and relax; as with all things children will do things when they are ready.
    Hope that helps


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    Hi Avi,

    We sell the book on ShopinHK too:

    Here's the link:

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Jools right. Ms Karmel's books are great. As a first time mom, I find her book 'Feeding Your Baby & Toddler' very handy. However, when I'm tired or too busy, porridge/congee is still the best cos it's so simple & easy to make.

    I use either homemade anchovies or chicken stocks as a base for the porridge. From there, I'll just throw in the amount of rice. Vege goes in when rice is almost done. I prefer to cook meat separately & add only when about to serve the porridge.

    I used black cod fish as a first introduction to meat. Then followed by salmon, veal, chicken & pork at later stages. I steamed the fish with some Bovril, or sometimes a little sesame oil & soya sauce (to get rid of the 'fish' odour). When done, always check & remove any bones first!Then chop/mash it up using a rice bowl & soup spoon (no knife nor chopping board necessary!) & pour in the liquid left from the steaming. When about to serve, just combine the mashed fish with the porridge. For other types of meat, instead of cooking together with porridge & having to fish out & chop again, I grind them first, add a bit of cornstarch & pepper & fry with some garlic in little vegetable oil. This will give a very nice minced texture. Meats also can be sliced thinly, grilled/broiled & then ground into small pieces.

    The beauty of porridge is that everything (except the fish) can be prepared in advance, portioned out, freezed & bagged. Just throw in the rice! It's also a wonderful way to provide some savoury contrast to young tastebuds.

    Hope that helps!

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    The way i first introduced chicken was, first boil some veggies with a small piece of chicken breast. Remove the chicken and feed the veggies to the baby, this way baby will get familiar with the smell and essence of the chicken. Next time add a small piece. I usually cook it with carrots, potatoes etc so the smell doesnt stand out. Then after several weeks, I tried with a little bit of minced beef, lentils and a small potato and carrot.

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    I usually marinate the chicken (and all other meat) with a little bit of cornflour, sesame oil, and seasoned soy sauce for a couple of minutes to get rid of the strong chicken taste. Also, adding anchovies to the congee always make it tastier.

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