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Low amniotic fluid

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    Low amniotic fluid

    I'm 23 wks and have just been told that my amniotic fluid is a little on the low side. My Dr said it's really nothing to worry about and that he'll monitor it, but I'm obviously a little anxious. I made a mistake by searching the wen and read some horror stories and very premature births. Does anyone have experience of this? Looking for some reassurance...

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    mrs momo is offline Registered User
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    Have you had your full scan done properly? I had a similar situation and it resulted that I lost the baby. Just make sure you get everything checked carefully.

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    The Web is really bad to look at as it can make you worry for no reason. I remember a doctor saying to me that if I'm not medically trained I shouldn't research my diagnosis as it causes worry for no apparent reason. You can have a detailed scan (think 23 weeks) which can help reassure you and maybe get a second opinion - never hurts. Best of luck.

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    At 20 weeks a friend was told that her fluid was half what it should be and was put on bed rest. Her levels improved to not great but definitely better and she gave birth at 38 weeks. Everything turned out out fine and the only problem was that her daughter was breech and as there wasn't much liquid to 'work in' to turn her baby manually she needed an 'elective' c-section.

    I ran out of fluid in the last two months to the point that only a trickle came out when my waters were ruptured. The only effect was that my baby probably didn't have as much fat as she could have and my doctor scheduled me for an induction two days past my EDD in case there were problems with the placenta which would have made my daughter need to rely on amniotic fluid while waiting to be delivered.

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