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Part time lady to take care new born baby

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    Part time lady to take care new born baby

    Anybody have experience to employe a good part time lady to take care of new born baby? I read magazine and introduce 職工盟會 to have this service provide, is anyone use this before and have the lady name and how is their service? Pls advise


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    I didin't hire one in the end as I was totally bemused by the lady who came for trial just before my baby was born. She talked non-stop, trying hard to make me feel that every new mom is utterly useless and hiring a lady like her is the only way forward. In the end, I managed just fine without any outside help. Anyway, you must ask for a trial before you hire anyone....just my 2 cents worth.



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    Oh dear, hope you choose wisely, I had a really really bad experience. Used this agency who found me this middle aged Chinese women who SEEMED to be experienced and polite- but turned out to be totally a forgery. Gave her money to buy the 'healthy soups' for me- but found out that these so called 'healthy soups' were really just normally veggie soups with nothing really specially added. Me being clueless and a first time mum didn't know I was being ripped off until I spoke to my Chinese friends about it - she tried the " I'm- more-experienced-so-I-know-better-tactic" on me, but lucky my friend was there with me and managed to out-talk (and out-smart her). In total, she lasted 2 weeks and ever since then (my 2nd and 3rd kids), I've managed by myself and with my helper Amy ( a godsend!)

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