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doesn't like milk anymore

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    doesn't like milk anymore

    We just arrived in Canada after a 16 hour flight and my 10 month old suddenly dislikes milk and his bottle. He only likes solid food and a little bit of juice. He now has 2 bowls of Heinz cereal and 1 bowl of congee, with some fruit in between. Will he lack the proper nutrients? How can I encourage him to drink milk again? He used to have 3 bottles of 7 oz milk a day. Is there anything else I can feed him? Is this just a phase? I read that milk should be the most vital part of an infant's diet.

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    I tried to wean my breastfed baby by introducing formula milk. He doesn't like to drink from sprout or bottle so i've to feed him the milk from a bowl with a spoon. And he doesn't like his milk neat. So i've to add a few pieces of corn flakes. When the corn flakes are soaked and soft, i give him a spoon of milk with 1 corn flake in it. And in between, just milk without the flake, till he protests again. So he won't get too full from eating too much corn flakes. I read that the milk you used with the cereal accounts to the total required amount of milk a baby needs in the day. I'm not sure what the total amount is. I try to let my baby drink at least 500ml of milk a day.

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    My daughter also has that problem. Now she's 18 mths, and only take 1 bottle of 8oz in the morning. She started showing her 'dislike' of milk when she's about 8 mths old, just a few months after starting on solids. I've asked a number of different doctors during well baby check-up etc, they said that as long as she's taking balanced diet from her solids, it's fine 'cause eventually she'll get all the nutrients from the solids. All the vitamins in the milk can be resourced from numerous fruits, iron from green veggies or red meat, etc. As for calcium, you can give him baby yoghurt. Or in my case, I put lots of grated parmigiano cheese in her pasta.

    Don't worry. Maybe he's just 'tired' after the trip...

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