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spitting up

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    Sandra & Evan is offline Registered User
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    spitting up

    My 6-month old daughter seems to spit up quite often. Even when she was breastfed (for the first 5 months), she would often bring up her entire feed while I was burping her. Now I've put her on the bottle with formula, and for a period of time, she was bringing up her entire feed (projectile) almost once a day. Sometimes it even happens that she's fine after her feeding, then she takes a nap, and then spits up after she wakes up from her nap.

    I've spoken to our pediatrician about this, and he says that she's gaining weight just fne, so shouldn't be a problem. If we burp her, prop her up, etc. and nothing seems to work, then there's not much we can do about it.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is this anything I should be worried about? Thanks for any sharing!


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    Daizy is offline Registered User
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    My cousin whose daughter is 9 months old experienced the exact same thing. Her daughter would always spit up her food but at the same time she continued to gain weight. She took her daughter to a couple of doctors and one even gave her some herbal remedy but till now it hasn't really worked. The good news is that the daughter is happy active plump baby girl.

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    My daughter who has completed 11 months recently and in her eleventh month she started spitting for few days...around night time 12-00-1.30 and she used to cry a lot....and then immediately after spitting she would sleep. I went to see two doctors and they suggested me give her less milk........coz i increased her diet every month. Since i have reduced her milk intake .......its ok. Actually, dr emphasised on food. And according to him...only 6oz. milk three times and rest of time give her food. But thats very hard to do......since she was not satisfied and i started giving her little more milk and accordingly increased her food intake.

    You also try that. Give less dairy products. May be that will work. And also i must say that during spitting time ...whole day she was active but when i started giiving her less of milk she became more fussy.

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    Amanda Chen is offline Registered User
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    Hi Sandra,

    My 6 month old son also spit up quite often and he is breastfed and bottle-fed (formula) at the moment. He was fully breastfed up to 5 months old (and I’m back to work now) I knew exactly how you feel. When he was one month old, he was bring up his entire feed while I was still breast-feeding him or just finished. I didn’t even have a chance to burp him. I was so worry about this and did consult our pediatrician. And we got pretty much the same answer as your pediatrician. As long as he’s gaining weight just fine, it’s not a problem.

    My older son (he’s 2 now) had the same problem as well. He was breastfed and bottle-fed (formula) right at the beginning, and we all assuming that its formula problem plus he was a difficult baby to burp. He won’t let you hold him still to burp him. Now he is a health 2 years old boy and very active. My 2nd son was breastfed for the first 5 months and let us holds him still to burp. But he still has the same problem. He spits up anytime with or without burping.

    My suggestion is that just listens to your pediatrician and don’t worry too much. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it.
    I hope my input will make you feel better.

    Best regards, Amanda Chen

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