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Medela Pump-in-Style vs Ameda Purely Yours?

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    safe to buy pump from US?

    Hi, I will have my baby coming out soon and would like to buy a pump. It's 1/3 more expensive in HK than that in US ebay. But is it save to do online purchase this way? Appreciate your sharing. Lai

    Quote Originally Posted by smu_hk

    I too bought my Medela pump in Style (but advanced) from Ebay US.
    Only thing is they have US powerplug, instead, I just use the battery pack here.
    They are very good, worth the money. The Advance one includes a hand/manual pump (just as good - can be a little tiring) which is what I use when I am at work. Though the battery pack can be quite heavy to lug around.
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    Chose the Ameda becos of price

    I have used both the Medela PIS (backpack) and the Ameda Purely Yours ... both are excellent and the Medela is actually more well constructed and feels better to use. However, it was on loan from the hospital and when it came to purchasing a pump, the Ameda won out in terms of price - it was little more than half the price of a Medela PIS. To be honest, both perform the function of pumping out milk equally well - the Ameda valves are a little more delicate but mine are still going strong. The Ameda is actually more compact so although it doesn't have a backpack, you could easily fit it into your own backpack if you wanted to bring it around. Bought mine in Singapore directly from the distributor or you can buy it off the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group website ( Not sure how much shipping costs are from the US but perhaps it might be cheaper from Singapore?

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