:bwinky I just did a very stupid thing a few hours ago: I downloaded a French song from a French speaking website. I didn't understand the word "telecharger". I pushed the button, then after the downloading, the English words said the rates would be charged as international IDD. I disconnected immediately, tried to uninstall what I downloaded, but failed. I ran the program Spybot, and spotted 4 entries of 2 programs. I fixed them. My husband came home and helped me, but failed to remove the program, because it required uninstalling on the internet. Then my husband wanted to turn off the computer, and failed because other programs were being run and SOMEONE ELSE WAS LOGGING ONTO OUR COMPUTER! He switched to the Chinese window of our computer and removed most of the program but part of it was unremovable. Going back to that website to uninstall it was out of the question.
Fortunately, I don't buy things through the internet. Those of you who do should watch out!
I don't remember the website's name, but I got it through Yahoo Search by typing "French songs". The website's in French. I think it's no. 2 in the results. DON'T GO IN THERE! :bwinky