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Seeking stroller/car seat/bjorn advice : petite mum, stay-at-home, drives, no maid

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    having 3 strollers myself (Combi - the very light one 3.6kg, Bugaboo Frog, and Chicco Ponee XS) - i have to say that Chicco is the best buy. it was SO cheap (i got it on special sale too that I could have gotten 9 Chicco for the price I paid for the Bugaboo) - i still love the Bug, but it's not good for getting in and out of cars. i only take my chicco when i am in the cabs. Combi - such a waist of money. it is horrible.


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    Infant car seat

    Do you need an infant car seat in Hk to use in taxis or can you use a baby bjorn? Seems like a nightmare strapping a car seat into the taxi every time. Not sure what to buy.

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    There are no laws in HK requiring babies/children to be in car seats in cars/taxis.

    A lot of people carry babies in taxis in a baby bjorn- however this offers no protection should there be an accident.

    Yes it can be stressful lugging a car seat around and getting it in and out of taxis- but it is by far the safest option.

    But with no laws it is a personal choice.

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