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Flying with babies - Any Tips?

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    Flying with babies - Any Tips?

    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone could give me some tips on flying to HK with 10mth old twins. We are flying from the UK on Sat 6th Aug and will initially be staying in Central.

    Any advice will be most welcome and ease my anxiety of facing the flight.

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    Give them a drink of water or milk or juice when the plane takes off or when it lands will help ease the pressure difference. If they will not take the bottle, then, massaging mid way in front of both ears will also help ease the pressure. Of course, if they cry when it takes off, then they are balancing the pressure "naturally".

    Well, as for keeping them "calm" and/or entertained throughout the 10+ hr flight will be very challenging. If you let them watch video (Cathay Pacific always has a cartoon channel on the plane) that will capture their attention for a few hours.



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    I have never done long haul flights only 3-4 hour ones but what I find useful is to keep to baby's routine as much as possible, ie naps/sleeps etc, my friends who do long haul always recommend taking a night flight (assuming your babies sleep most of the night!) so you can give them their last feed when the plane takes off (to ease ear pressure as mentioned above) and put them down to sleep when you get on board - normally the whole excitment of travel exhausts them enough and the gentle hum is actually quite soothing for them. Remember to pre-book your seats beforehand, you want as much leg room as possible (bulk head seats?) and if possible to be as far away from the toilets as the traffic and noise of flushing toilets will be a little disruptive. If you are not breastfeeding you may have to cart water and formula as I wouldn't like to rely on the water they provide onboard. When you arrive in HK, arrange for a car pick up service (eg. a large MPV that will sit you/hubby/2 babies and numerous luggage!) comfortably, you want your arrival to be as seamless as possible with 2 babies. We use Richwheel limo services - HK$500 from airport to our apt (HK side), speak to Samson at +852 90311575.

    Have wonderful trip to HK!

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