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Baby food and travel safety in Hong Kong

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    Nicmum has a point not letting your baby sleep on the floor. Just 3 weeks ago we flew to Singapore with our 9 month old and we put him in the basinet on the floor and we all fell asleep. Suddenly the plane took a nose dive and I immediately picked him up, as i was picking him up the plane dropped again and I almost lost grip of my baby, as the aircraft suddenly descended and i was picking him up my hands went flying up. Luckily i didn't loose my grip and held him tight and my son didn't wake up but it sure was a SCARY experience.

    On our flight back he slept on two empty seats with his head on my lap and I tied the seat belt around his waist.

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    For the Similac formula, do u talk about the Similac Advance? HK has different version than the one is US as HK has Similac 1, 2, and 3. If your baby is taking Similac Advance (US version) for newborn to 1 year old, you need to take that with you. Or I can sell some for you. My baby is born in US and I brought some Similac with me when I come back to HK used as a supplement as I breaastfeed my baby. She doesn't like the formula so I get some at home.
    Details are as below

    Similac advance 2 plastic bottles - ready to use
    more than 10 packs formula - travel size ( one pack for 4oz milk)

    If interested, pls let me know.

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    i just returned from canada last monday. my boy is 6 months old (only 16 lbs or so) i gound that the bassinets on the flights to be very small. he was very uncomfortable in them. i had to rock him to sleep on my lap then pray that he didn't wake as i transferred him into the bassinet. the most he slept was 3 hours.

    you're lucky that there are two of you. i was by myself. when you check in, be sure to ask for a baby meal(ie. jars of baby food & diapers). i did, however, each leg of my journey i was provided with different stuff...

    hkg-tpe i got 2 diapers, wet wipes, a jar of juice, and two small jars of baby food
    tpe-yvr i got 2 diapers, wet wipes, 2 jars of juice, and four jars of food
    yvr-tpe i got 5 diapers, 1 jar of juice and one jar of food
    tpe-hkg i got 2 diapers, 2 jars of juice and two jars of food...

    i couldn't figure it out! but at least i got something for him....

    i too got a baby b-air, but found that i didn't use it. my boy likes to face me and the baby b-air only allowed him to face away from me or sit on my lap....

    i wish you luck in your journey!

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