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Doctors in New Territories

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    Sai Kung, NT

    Doctors in New Territories


    We have just arrived in Hong Kong as a family and I am worried that my son maybe suffering with Asthma as he keeps complaining of shortage of breath. I would like to take him to a doctor but as yet do not have one here. We live near Sai Kung and Ma On Shan, can anyone recommend a good doctor close by. My son is 7.
    Thanks in advance

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    Ma On Shan

    I'm in Ma On Shan and have been to a local doc in the Ma On Shan plaza who was o.k, she trained overseas, however, i was a little disappointed that the exam was less than 60seconds and i was probably over medicated - 3 types of pills and 2 medicines (for sinusitis!). Anyway, others in this building have found her quite good - Dr Millicent Lim, Shop 211, level 2, Ma On Shan plaza. there is also a search engine for docs in HK :


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    AMLam> walked pasted Sai Kung the other day and saw a sign for " Specialist in Paediatrics"- its a woman doctor who I think qualified from Austrailia. It's in central Sai kung, but don't know the exact address. Alternatively, theres an chinese GP who qualified from Austrailia as well- the clinic is in SK near the green seater van stop in the old district of SK- housed in that pink building (apologies, don't live there locally so abit hazy on the directions). Next time I go there to stock uop on my pies, I'll write down the adresses for u

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