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PKU Test?

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    PKU Test?

    When is the PKU usualy done in HK? Do they do it at the hospital when baby is bon, or are you meant to organise it yourself afterwards? I can't find anything in the paperwork they gave me to say whether it had been done or not.

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    I just delivered a few week ago at Queen Mary Hospital (Hospital Authority - Public Hospital). They said to me, that unless there are any "clinical symptoms" they do not do the PKU test routinely.

    I've no idea what the clinical symptoms or indicators for the test are. I explained that it's a test done routinely on every baby in the UK at 5 days old. There response was that there is no reason to do so in Hong Kong......

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    No routine PKU test in HK

    When my second child was born I asked our GP (who also has a specialty in Paed.) about why no routine PKU tests in HK. He said that it was very rare among Chinese so they don't do routine screening (just like in many European communities they don't do routine screening for sickle cell anemia).

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    Mousugumama is offline Registered User
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    My twins had theirs done at 7 days old at home by a midwife on house call. Result came back in about a week.

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