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what to bring for swimming class

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    shalom is offline Registered User
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    what to bring for swimming class

    I am thinking of joining Harry Wright infant and mother swimming class with my 6 month old baby. having no experience in swimming at all, does anyone else join Harry Wright swimming class? is it good? and what should i bring with me on the first day? what are the things that i should prepare? thanks!!!

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    maxeenbaby is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2005

    Hi Shalom,
    sorry I can not answer your questions, though I went to swim with my baby (8 months) the other day in our pool. Just make sure to bring lots of warm clothes for after and make sure you dry the ears properly...
    By the way I would love to go to swimming classes with my daughter, too. Where is it you are going to, can I find that in the Internet? Could you send me the link or any information on it? Thank you

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    hunhun is offline Registered User
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    HW swimming classes are excellent! My sons have Jayne and Michael teaching them in Beginners Advance, and Parents & Babies, and they enjoy each and single lessons very much.

    I would say, definately buy a wetsuit for your baby, even though it's a heated pool, you will need a wetsuit.

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    spsmok is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2005

    I agree. Wetsuit is definitely a great idea. I took my baby swimming in the summer, and even then she was all shaking and her lips purple without a wetsuit.

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    shahirakk is offline Registered User
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    Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

    baby swim stuff

    I havent done baby swim lessons in HK but when did trial lesson in London, I found swim nappies are a good investment - buy 2 just in case!

    Also, have at least 2 if not 3 towels handy at the poolside so you can wrap your baby up - I have also invested in a towelling robe from Stanley market which i am going to try out poolside.

    Dont forget diprobase / aqueous cream if baby has sensitive skin.


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    ramkiranju is offline Registered User
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    I am a week into HK and can someone tell where we would get the Hary Wright classes.I am keen on joining one myself and enrolling my 10yr old and 3yrold too.If someone could pls give me the address

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