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18 month old refuses haircut

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Hold on lap?

    I would sit in the barber chair myself and have him on my lap and the barber would wrap us both up in the plastic sheet/bib.

    I would hold his head (with either my hands, or kind of cheek-to-cheek) and that kept him still and calm pretty well. But, he was and is a cuddly boy - some kids don't like such close contact. We did this from the time he was about 18 months old (and I needed professional help after I tried to cut his hair myself) until he was about 3.

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    I used to have to cut his hair myself when he slept, or he would just grab at the scissors, with or w/o DVD. Once he woke in the middle of it and we had to settle with a half cut head for a whole day (he was 20 mo). The hairdressers in Toyr'us TST also has a shop in Caroline Centre Causeway Bay, and we've been going there since he was 2 yo. They've got lots of stand-up toys so if DVDs don't work, they can still cut the hair while the child is playing at the toys. Twice I've tried Loupou's trick and it wasn't too bad really, it was over in 15 mins. Now he's over 3, he's finally willing to sit down and take it.

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