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medical diagnosis/treatment public hospital

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    medical diagnosis/treatment

    My son was born in HK earlier this year and a permanent resident. Under the HK medical system, in case he gets sick and needs medical care(diagnosis, treatment, etc.), if we take him to any public hospital, is it all free, including any lab work required? How does it work? Do i need a referral from a nearby MCH or just go to the hospital to see any pediatric on duty or what? I am gathering info for future reference. What about surgery costs? How good are the doctors 'on duty' in general from these public hospitals? If we want to see a specialist, can it be arranged? Are they all able to speak English?

    I am asking all these questions because both my husband and I are not HK residents, so we are not familiar at all with its medical care system, although we do come and stay in HK rather frequently for business.

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    I think your son is qualified for local residents' rates which are pratically free. My son was transferred to Queen Mary Hospital last year. Daily room rate was HK$50 and it included absolutely everything from doctors fees to lab, clinical tests etc. As Queen Mary is a teaching hospital for Hong Kong University, which is quite competitive to get in, most doctors if not all, speak pretty good English. The medical standard is superb. For out-patient, especially the specialist department, the biggest drawback is the waiting prepared to get sent from here to there and then there to over there or everywhere again and again....and waiting around for 3-4 hours at any one time is pretty standard.



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