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Government Maternal Health Centre

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    Government Maternal Health Centre

    Good morning everyone.
    I recently moved to Cheung Cha, South Lantau, and found myself pregnant. With my first child, I went through everything and T.Y. then Queen Mary. Now I think that Tung Chung Maternal Health Centre might be the most convenient for me for the check up. Has anybody used the service at any of the maternal centres? Any comments on them please? Do they send you to the nearest punlic hospital when the time comes?
    Thank you very much.

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    yes, i 've used the one at tung chung(i live in db...but may move to south lantau next year)...

    i had a problem pregnancy last year, so when i went for my first check up in T.C they asked me where i wanted to give birth. i said QMH, so they sent me to Tsan Yuk. because of the complications of my pregnancy, i had to go to tsan yuk and QMH for all of my check ups(sometimes i was going once per week!)...

    since giving birth in february, i've been taking my boy to TC for all of his vaccinations and check ups.

    as for the service, the english is ok(could be better, but could also be a lot worse)... i always make the appointment for 4pm. they close at 5pm, so i know that i won't be any longer than an hour.

    when he goes for a vaccination, they always weigh him and i speak to a nurse before they give him the jab. after the jab, they ask you to wait for 20 minutes to make sure that there is no reation to it. in this time, i take him across the way to get the prescription filled for panandol, by the time that is done, the 20 minutes is over. if he has a reaction, then i can always go back to the clinic after getting the prescription.

    if you want to chat more, please email me on

    [email protected]

    i'd love to chat about south lantau life!!!

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