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Autism Partnership in Central

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    Autism Partnership in Central

    Hi, anyone know about Autism partnership in Central to provide intensive ABA therapy? Can anyone share the information, my son has PDD-NOS and he is required 15-20 hours of week of ABA Therapy..and I am still doing a lots of research to get right one for my son.

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    Try Karen of Step:, which is in 802 Loke Yew Bldg.,
    50 Queen's Rd.m, Central. Tel:28992993.



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    The most comprehensive resource I have seen for parents with special needs children in HK is the Autism - Parents Network (Hong Kong) at this link:

    It has saved my sanity for the past year and has provided us with ways which have helped my child trememdously. He too was diagnosed with ASD. The website was set up by another parent and lists almost ALL the available resources for english-speaking special needs children in Hong Kong.

    We are also doing ABA, but cannot afford Autism Partnership. The therapists we use are from Autism Recovery Network, which is managed by a group of parents with ASD children who import therapists from overseas. Ours is very good. Contact Dennis at 91623418.

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    Updates on Autism Partnership

    Autism Partnership has started a school for autistic children in Hong Kong. Its charity is also organizing free workshops and talks every month to the community. If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact me at [email protected] and I will forward you the details.

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