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Baby shopping

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    Baby shopping

    I'm trying to remember what it was like to have a newborn and shop accordingly but thought I'd ask some of you all who have more recent experience! Thanks for any insights.

    1. Grobags--at what age do you use them? only good for winter or are there light ones for summer as well?

    2. sterilizers--am planning old fashioned boiling method but refresh my memory-is there an advantage to any particular type of sterilizer?

    3. diapers--is there such a thing as a cheaper place to buy infant diapers a la the US here in HK?

    4. what's the wisdom these days regarding toiletries--baby shampoo, body wash, lotions? any products that are great or horrible?

    5. bassinetts--are there actually sheets sold for bassinetts (seems there's no standard size) or do you improvise?

    6. wet mat-- i.e. a cloth mat that you put under the sheet so when the diaper leaks the mattress is spared. where can i get one?

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    In answer to your questions......

    1 - I think there are grobags that start from 0-6 months but I think the baby needs to be a minimum weight (you need to check that one out). My toddler uses it for winter but not for summer. I do know of others who use it in summer as the chill factor with the aircon can be quite cold.

    2 - I use an electric sterilizer only for convenience as it automatically switches off when it's done.

    3 - As for diapers, I just shop around for on going offers between Mannings, Wellcome and P & S. I have heard of some places that do deals if you buy in bulk but not too sure how much difference you would save.

    4 - I quite like Johnsons and Mustela do some nice things too, particularly their craddle cap shampoo.

    5 - There are sheets for bassinets available but as sizes differ, you should be able to get sheets from the same shop that you got your bassinet. But I don't see why you couldn't get some sheets made up quite cheaply

    6 - I think you can get waterproof sheets from Mothercare.

    These are only some of my ideas. You might or might not find it useful!

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    Taken from Grobag site:

    An ideal time to start using a grobag® baby sleeping bag is when your baby is approximately 4 - 6 weeks old and weighs more than 10 lbs.

    I never got around to getting sheets for the bassinet and ended up using pillow cases.

    Are you looking for a mattress protector for the bassinet or your bed? Mattress protectors are available at Price Rite or Wing On. I think Wing On also have cot sizes.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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