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World Family Disney Education Materials

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    Smile World Family Disney Education Materials

    Hi, all,

    I have received free vcds from World Family which sells educational materials for kids of age 0 and onwards. The entry price of such materials starts around HK$20,000 and the whole set can cost as much as HK$40,000. The idea behind the educational materials is that the kid will be exposed to the same wordings or passages in different format - VCD, CD (both in singing version and spoken version) and books. That way the kid learns english in a very "natural" and systematic way.

    Anyone who has used it before? Feedback?

    Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

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    i learned english growing up and my parents didn't have to spend $40,000 on it...
    if you expose your child to the language, they will learn it!

    talk to your child about everything. when you go on the mtr, the bus, in a taxi, talk about what you see,

    "oh, look, there's a big bus. see it has two floors. that's called a double decker bus. it's red. look at the bus driver, he's wearing a hat. he's wearing a uniform. his shirt is red. oh, look. the bus stopped at the bus stop to pick up more passengers. some people are getting on. some people are getting off. i wonder where they are going? what do you think?" remember to leave time for the child to respond. when they do, have a conversation and remember to praise them, "that's right, his hat is red." "yes, you're right there are three people getting on the bus." when you respond to what they are saying use your question again in the answer.(i've highlighted what i mean)

    my boy is only 6 months old and i do this with him whenever we go out. i do it around the house too.

    the other important thing to do is to read to your child. your child will learn a lot more from interacting with you than he ever would listening to a CD. time with parents and interacting with them will teach your child more than the language. it teaches them proper behaviour as well.

    do not think for a minute if you spend $40,000 on CD and videos that your child will learn english.

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