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clean air?

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    clean air?

    We are going to move to HK early next year. I have been reading several forums and one thing has my concern and that is the airpollution. My children are still young (9 months and 2 years).

    We would like to live in an childfriendly environment but also with some fresh 'cleaner' air but still not being away from everything and everyone. Or is this impossible?

    What do you think of pokfullam vs repulse bay vs tai tam?

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    hong kong


    hi i face the same problem, and i live right in between pok fu lam and replulse bay.

    the air in Hk does just not get better with location. only option i see reasonable is to look for a air cleaner and run that constantly at home......., leave bedroom doors open so air can circulate :)

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