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Help!!! Crib and pediatrician

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    Smile Thanks Amanda

    Our daughter is currently sleeping in her Pack n Play, but I was concerned that it may be to hard on her back, even though I put a lot of covers under it to make it more cushiony. I plan to have her sleep there for another month or so, and then transfer her to the bed. Anyway, thanks for everyone's advise on the Pediatrician.

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    Hi Ale

    You’re welcome. My first son never did sleep in his crib (Pack n Play) at all. He hates the “cage” (the crib) because of that he cannot get in and out by himself. And we transfer him into his bed before he turned two. There is one problem with that he falls out of the bed quite a lot, even nowadays. His bed has railing except one open to let him go down by himself. This make us worry whenever we hear a loud noise from his bed at nighttime. So this makes me think that we transfer him to his bed a bit too early. But every kid is different. So if you just concern that the crib is too hard on her back, then you maybe can get a custom-made mattress for her from one of the local mattress shop such as Seahorse. One of my girlfriends did that for her son and it works out wonderful. Unlike my son he never wants to sleep in his crib. And we just use his crib to store his toys. Just a suggestion, you are the one who know what’s the best for your daughter. Have a nice day!

    Best regards, Amanda

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