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Child that always does the opposite

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    Child that always does the opposite

    My son (25 mths old) has this "habit" of doing the opposite.

    So when I would like him to follow me, I will say "Adrian, pls do NOT follow Mommy". Rest assured he will come running after me.

    This may work for now. There will come a time/situation when I would really like to explain things to him and tell him my real intention, eg do NOT use drugs, do NOT climb the table cos its dangerous etc.

    What can a parent do to "correct" an "opposite-minded" child?

    Any thoughts/advice?


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    I'm no expert but I've seen many kids do that. In my own family, every kid that does that we joke they inherited it from my uncle. I think you need not worry. They outgrow that. When he's a teen he WILL know what you mean.

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