I am about to fire my second maid and get a new one to replace her.

In the application to the Immigration Department for a new maid, I have to fill out whether the new maid is an "addition" or a "replacement". If she is an additional maid, I need to explain why she is needed. If she is a replacement, then I need to tell Immigration the termination date for the old maid.

Since I don't want to fire my current maid (or even let her know my intentions) until her replacement has arrived (so instead of giving her a month's notice I am going to pay her a month's salary plus ticket to go home) will the new one technically be an "addition"? Or should I say that she is a replacement but termination date yet to be determined? It may not matter but I do need the new one quite urgently and don't want to delay things unnecessarily...

Thanks for your help!