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taking baby out for full day

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    taking baby out for full day

    my husband wants to go to ocean park for a full day with our 6 week old baby. as i am a breastfeeding mom, i suspect it will be very inconvenient for me to feed her every feed in the park.. especially as my little one usually takes over 45-60minutes for each feed. i can probably take doing one feed out, but imagining a whole day of them, frankly scares me.

    does anyone have any suggestions for it to be easier, does Ocean park offer baby breastfeed or change rooms... or should i just forego the idea all together and just go for a couple hour walk in a park somewhere instead?


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    personally, i think that it's a little early to be taking baby out for a full day. our boy is now 8 months old and we can take him for a full day.

    a 6 week old baby cannot appreciate ocean park. cannot go on the rides, cannot hold head up to look at the animals etc. it is also still quite hot out.

    i'd wait a few months until your baby can enjoy it more and it will be less stressful for you!

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    The indoor restaurants would be your best bet for finding somewhere cool to feed. I'm afraid OP isn't too hot for a newborn though as it is really hard to get away from the heat. I'm seven months pregnant and our poor daughter has hardly been there this last Summer after living there last year, as it is just sooo hot. Maybe by the end of the month the weather will be more accomodating.

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