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Boppee Pillow Covers

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    Boppee Pillow Covers

    Anyone know if these are available in HK? I tried ordering from Amazon and they for some strange reason don't ship them here. Bumps to Babes don't have these covers, though they sell the cushion. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    A mom,

    Did you have the baby? Sorry if I missed the announcement! Congratulations!

    How did everything go?

    Sorry I haven't seen any Boppee Pillow Covers in HK. Did you call Stepping Stones? I think they import the Boppee Pillow.

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    The agent for Boppy Pillow in HK does not bring in covers. You can order online at and they deliver to HK. I just bought the Boppy Luxe and the fabric is super soft, much nicer than the regular fabric.

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