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Which Pram?

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    i just clicked ont he link and it worked for me...

    you can always try then search it for sit and stroll

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    It's probably my PC I'm sure it has gremlins living in it!!!

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    It works for me too. The site must have been down earlier.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    i just found two on a different forum's trading post! right on! i'm buying them both!

    i'll let you know how well they work! i'll be picking them up later today.

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    Thanks Gidget for the information - that is a relief.
    I ended up buying the Maxi Cosi Cabrio (athletic color - grey, blue and orange, sounds ugly but it is actually very nice when you see it).

    Good point about attaching the chair and the driver having no choice than to wait; I was actually thinking about entering the taxi from one side and putting the chair on the opposite side while inside the car and then start pulling the belt and fixing the chair.

    Haven't tried it yet though - just received the chair 2 days ago.

    This forum is full of great and pertinent advice, honest and caring ones.
    Keep it up!

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    I have a Stokke Xplory.

    We wanted to get a stroller which could navigate Hong Kong streets and accommodate a car seat, so we decide on the Xplory. Stokke is a Norwegian design company which has been around for many generations.

    What I like about the Stokke is:
    1)it can go up and down stairs easily, no need to pick up or get someone to help you out when you come across stairs.
    2)You can buy an adapter for the Stokke so you can use the Maxi cosi car seat.
    3)It folds down and can fit in the back of a taxi.
    4)Interchangeable colours and has a separate bassinet.
    5)Comes with rain cover and mosquito net.
    6)You can adjust the height of the chair and hand rail.
    7)Adjust the direction of the hand rail.
    8)Adjust the position of the chair from upright to horizontal so baby can sleep.
    9)Can turn to face you when baby is younger and turn facing forward when baby becomes more curious.
    10) No need to get a high chair when you go to restaurants, just push the Stokke to the table.
    11)It's higher off the floor so less car fumes directly in your baby's face.

    What I don't like about the Stokke is:

    1. Its a little bit wide for my liking.
    2.A bit wobbly when using the adapter for the car seat.
    3.Sometimes the button to fold in the wheel gets a bit stuck.
    4.The shopping bag which comes with the Stokke is big but not too organized and falls to the side when putting it into the taxi.

    I don't think you need to buy the bassinet as you will hardly use it. Most of the time when we went out we used the Maxi cosi car seat and brought the Xplory with adapters.

    Oh, and it's actually not that plasticky. The material is made from the same plastic they use in cars and the backbone is metal.

    I hope this helps if some one who decide to get one.

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    I've not yet read all the responses yet (I do like the buggaboo but never purchased one), but here is my two cents.

    I suffered from pram envy and, in 3 ? years I had about 6 prams/strollers (in my own defense, one was destroyed by an airline and the other by removalists).

    With my first pram I wanted to buck the three-wheel “trend” and got a four wheeler which was good for a newborn baby but was rather large and the child sat too far back in the pram so couldn’t see out when we were walking (it was also hard to maneuver with one hand).

    I then had a small fold-up one for taking bub to daycare and wanted to replace the four-wheel for a three wheel. So that is three prams. The three wheel lasted about 8 months before it was destroyed by the airline in our move to Hong Kong (they offered A$80 for a $400 pram! Thanks BA). So I replaced that with a Maclaren and purchased a second for our youngest, who had just been born. But the second pram was also not suitable and I ended up selling that and buying a new Chicco (again four wheel – oops). The Chicco was packed and shipped back to Australia when we returned but it when we got it back the steering just wasn’t the same so … well you can see the trend here. My husband left the Maclaren in the tray of his work car in the rain and it got mold on it which I can not get off! I purchased a three wheel which was just too big…

    We have gone back to the McLaren triumph and I have taken most of the mold off although it is stained now but I am very happy with it.

    My only advice is to invest in the little stroller weights that go on the front of the stroller to help stop it from tipping over! I got sooooo sick of this happening and only got them about three months ago. I had to buy them from overseas: My Wendy House well worth it though!

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    and then there's me.... bought one pram second hand, great but too big for hk... bought a second one at toys'r'us, no problem. bought a double pram for when baby # 2 arrived.

    stopped using all prams by the time #2 was 18 months. now, only use double pram when we go on holidays.

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