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Pregnant in Discovery Bay

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    Question Pregnant in Discovery Bay

    I m French (so sorry for my english) and new in HK. We will probabely live in DB. I'm 7 month pregnant and I want know where DB' pregnant women go to give birth. What go to the hospital? By ferry, by ambulance...?
    Thank for your answer.

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    Discovery Bay

    Hi Gaelle,

    I came to Hong Kong 6 months pregnant and live in Discovery Bay. I gave birth at the Matilda Hospital and took the ferry across. I also had a doula, Hulda from Annerley midwives, who came to my house before we went to the hospital and made the decision about when to go. She actually timed it to perfection. I know that in an emergency then you can call an ambulance and they get you through to Hong Kong and in a dire emergency there's always a helicopter.

    There are lots of pregnant women in DB, so once you get here start talking to a few and I'm sure you'll get the low down about the hospitals and how people are intending to travel.

    Hope that helps and good luck


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    I'm pregnant with #2 in DB. I had #1 whilst I was living in DB as well.

    I caught the bus/ferry/taxi to Matilda, no problems. In the ante natal classes the midwife told us that we'd just KNOW when to go to hospital. Sounded like a load of garbage at the time, but she was right ! I caught the 4am'ish ferry (small one, v.uncomfortable whilst in labour, not recommended). Arrived at Matilda around 5.30am. Baby arrived at 10.30am. I was very happy with the experience. Contractions seemed to slow down whilst I was travelling, maybe because I was concentrating on getting there.

    With #2, I intend to leave earlier, as I understand 2nd babies come faster.

    A friend of mine recently had her baby whilst living in DB. She had planned to go to QMH. However, she woke at midnight with the first contraction, couldn't make the 12.20 ferry, next one at 1.20am (not sure I have the exact times right here, but they were an hour apart). By 12.30am she knew she wasn't going to make the next ferry and called an ambulance. Ambulance arrived within 5 minutes. She delivered at Princess Margaret at 2am.

    Hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjy
    juste un petit coucou et bonne chance pour la derniere ligne droite :)
    ou vas-tu accoucher?
    J'ai choisi 'Adventist hospital' d'apres ce que j'ai pu lire et voir ca me semble pas trop mal. Tu connais? Mon medecin est le docteur Anne Chang.

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