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Housing & Maid Need advice...

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    Housing & Maid Need advice...

    We are moving to HK Jan'06. Thought to bring my current Thai maid (english almost NIL) with me. Any idea if any maid agency can help to handle the paperwork and communicate in Thai. Supposingly it is okay to bring Thai national for DH to HK right?
    On housing, our budget HK$25K. Husband will work in Wanchai. Got 2 kids- 3.5yrs and a-10-mth. Any suggestion where to find decent housing with our budget and comfort/convenience as I will be out and abt with the children? Appreciate all suggestions/advise.

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    Most agencies work with individuals from Philippines, Indonesia & Thailand, so I would think that it would not be a problem for you to bring your Thai helper here. You just have to negotiate the fees with your agency since you have a specific candidate in mind. I found out that sometimes agencies have two price structures. . . one for candidates on their files, and another for specific candidates, so check around.

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    When we first arrived in Hk, we found Robinson Road /mid-levels really convenient. Transporation is good with buses to most places and the escalator brings you to central very easily. There are also 2 supermarkets - Park N shop and wellcome. Most importantly, with kids ..we find it easy to bring them around to activities around central area.

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