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Any experience with Kiangsu Chekiang local kindergarten?

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    donosti is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006

    Does any of those KG offer bus transportation from Bel-Air or this is too far. I will also like to send my son to a local stream. We are going to be there indefenitely and I will like for him to be able to speak the language ( cantones or mandarin - no preference).

    I have posted other threads asking for suggestions with no response...

    I have check Victoria but they are not accepting kids for 0607 but I could put him on the waiting list. Same thing with ESF Kindy.

    Since I am not working something part time a couple of a days a week will work fine. I just want him to get used to the new language and enviroment.


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    new mommy is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2006
    Hong Kong

    Hi Mums out there,

    Does Starters offer any Chinese (putonghua or Cantonese) lessons at all? Or do they have a 100% English curriculum?

    Besides Kiangsu Chekiang and Victoria, are there any other options for bi-lingual schools?

    Also - is it common to send the kids to 2 kindergarten (one for Chinese and one for English)? Will it be too tiring for the kids? I guess for the kids, it is just more play time.

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    melohk is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    I am a Chinese parent and my child will attend N1 at KCS. My child just like the child of you that she doesn't know any Mandarin as we speak Cantonese and English at home. I think most of the Chinese students only know Cantonese so they need time to adapt it. So don't worry, it's a good school to learn Mandarin. If u worry about the English, u can take Internation section in the afternoon and traditional in the morning.

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    Estelle is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
    Hong Kong

    Information on Kiangshu and Chekiang

    My three year old daughter has been accepted to Kiangshu and Chekiang. We are French. I will arrive in Hong Kong with next May 11th. We will stay there for 3 years.
    My husband, whi is already in Hong Kong, quickly visited Kiangshu and Chekiang and found it nice. But they want us to pay the deposit before May 3rd.
    I don't know what to do because it is a problem I can't see it before signing up.
    My daughter speaks a little bit of English only. Do you think she will like it? Will she not be too much lost? I heard there is one teacher only for 24 pupils. I am afraid if she feels lonely she will not get too much attention.
    She has been accepted in the English section but later on I would be happy if she could go also to the morning mandarin section.
    Are there many children like her coming from abroad?

    Thank you for your reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by run4fun View Post
    My son went to Starters for nursery, but a year later, we switched him to KCS local section, wanting him to learn Mandarin. The transition was quite smooth, at least much better than we expected. We were worried that KCS might be a bit too traditional in the way they teach when compared to international schools. But it turned out to be just fine. Quite a number of his friends are native English speaking kids. They all seem to love it. It's a happy school.

    My son is now 5, attending K3. He is not the best in class, but he can read and write quite a lot of chinese words. They do have more homework than Starters, but it's not like he couldn't handle it. He loves his school and hasn't complained so far. And he truly believes that his teachers and classmates will miss him terribly even if he miss just one day of class.

    I am quite satisfied with their teachers. I find them patient and caring. Anything that I am not satisfied? I think they should have more English class time. You only get 1/2 hour of English for half day school and that's quite insufficient. Also, the facilities aren't that impressive. If they could improve on that, then I have no complain.

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    lkho is offline Registered User
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    Shouson Hill


    I suppose you have already had to make your decision on KCS as I am a little late. If you decided to enroll your daughter, have no fear, it's a good school.

    Both my children (2 and 4) go to the Mandarin section there. For my son's class, there are two teachers for 29 students. My daughter is in the nursery and there are three teachers; I don't know how many students but it seems the ratio is 1:10-15. There is also always a helper in the classroom who takes the children to the washroom and cleans up.

    Because of her age, my 2yo daughter doesn't speak or understand a lot of English or Mandarin, and even so she seems to enjoy school. I think the teachers are used to the different developmental stages the children go through.

    The school is rather old and run-down, but the teachers are friendly and seem to be good with children. I can't speak for the English section, but in the Mandarin section, there seems to be a lot of dancing and music in the day.

    Don't worry. If it turns out you and your daughter don't like it, you can always remove her and enroll her in another school.

    Welcome to Hong Kong.

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    hoeve is offline Banned
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    Apr 2006

    Hi Estelle,
    My daughter is now studying in KCS local session nursery class. She will attend both international session and local session in coming September. Don't worry about the langauge ability of your child, they pick up so quickly. My 2 yr. 8 months girl can speak some mandarin (we don't speak Mandarin at all) after 3 months school in KCS. Also, there always foreigners in KCS and KCIS. Although the school seems to be a bit 'old' and the facilities is not very impressive but comments from many parents are very positive (especially for KCIS).
    If you have enroll, 20/5 will be the parent day. Hope you will feel comfortable with the school.

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    auroralady is offline Registered User
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    May 2007

    Hi Newbies,

    I've sent you a PM. cheers.

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    gushinggirl is offline Registered User
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    May 2007
    Taikoo Shing

    We came from the US just a year ago, our son (4 now) is in KCIS's international section for the morning and main section for the afternoon.

    We figured we ease the transition in, but have to say the main section has been more impressive. He's learning mandarin at an impressive rate.

    We did 2 half days since we both work, but he had already been in a full day schedule for a year in the US prior to coming out.

    PM if you want more info/reaction.

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